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Portrait Packages


My portrait sessions aim to be fun and fresh, with space that can accommodate up to 10 people (depending upon their age and size).

If you are only after one shot, my One Shot Package is a new idea & might be just what you are looking for? There are no session costs!
Your session time is 10 minutes & for a maximum of 5 people only. The aim is to capture the perfect shot of you within the 10 minutes.
The image you choose can be emailed to you so that you can print it as many times as you like with my permission for £30  or you may have a 10 x 8/ 12 x 8 print instead.

MEJ 58


You can have the image printed at 16×12 for £50! You can have larger prints instead or in addition. You can purchase additional smaller prints if you spend the minimum of £50. This is for the one image only! If you would like to purchase other images then there will be an extra charge of £15 in addition to the additional print costs. This is due to the time increase on the manipulation & preparation of the other images. This is the One Shot Package only. Come along & try it out!


DE 41The Mini Combined Package is £55 & includes a 30 minute session & £45 worth of prints from my reprints and enlargement price list.This is ideal for up to 5 people who are wanting 2-5 images for example.

The Combined Package is £99 & includes a 60 minute session & £85 worth of prints from my reprints and enlargements price list.
This is ideal for families to club together for a special occasion. It might be Grandma’s 80th birthday & you’d like a photograph of all her children or grandchildren? It can sometimes take up to 30 minutes to get the ideal photograph with so many faces to capture on one image, if you are only wanting one group shot. You can then have other combinations of groups photographed within the hour time limit, such as individual families or just siblings e.t.c. The possibilities are endless! And yes of course you can add to the £85 if you’d like to!


G&H_095 30x20_lc_proofMini Disk Package is £75 it includes a 30 minute session and up to 5 manipulated images, a saving of £50! You have my permission to print your images off for personal use.

Disk Package is £149 it includes up to 10 manipulated images, a saving of £101! You have my permission to print your images off for personal use.


Bump To Baby is £140 and includes four sittings of 15 minutes each sitting. You pay £35 each time you come to the studio and choose your favourite image to be printed at 10×8/12×8 or emailed. You can of course add to this amount if you wish to purchase other beautiful images………

SANbump 09

DPLong 221st-Bump

2nd-New Born

3rd-4-6 Months

4th-First Birthday


Gift Vouchers:

Are designed especially for you. You choose your own wording and amount. They don’t have a sell by date. These are a wonderful idea for that special person in your life, who has everything!

Studio sessions last approximately 10 minutes to 1 hour. Many digital photographs are taken. (It depends upon the children or babies on the day, sometimes little babies will need a sleep)  This is a perfect time to take detailed photographs of their beautiful little feet, hands or eyes. You can also bring lots of clothes to change into. More time will need to be allocated if you are viewing immediately after your session.
You can choose from colour, black and white, contrast or sepia toned photographs. I can spot colour images but at an additional charge of £5 per image.

The session aims to give you the best treatment possible.

We are not a large studio so you will not be rushed along as if you are on a production line.
You view your images on line approximately a week after the shoot. Additional electronic images are available to purchase at £25 each (on top of your session price and allocated number of images within the agreed package).

Framed montage of images…

There are many options for you to choose from. Check out the following website,my favourite is template code E5… www.theframestudio.co.uk

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