How it all began!
There was a competition in 1988/89 called, ‘A day in the life of the North West.’ Ormskirk Market, 11.30 a.m. there was a gentleman reading a newspaper at his handbag stall, I composed the picture, clicked and ran off! A few months later I received a phone call, my photograph would be in the book, alongside other winners! The gentleman was informed that he’d be in print. I met Bob Smithies from Granada Reports. Little did I know at the time but this was the beginning of my reportage skill, being able to capture the moment, without disturbing the subject.(See my documentary on Youtube).

Whilst primary school teaching, I captured children in action in the classroom, outside on educational visits and on photographic field trips. To promote Fourgates C.P. School in Westhoughton, (now The Gates) my photographs were published in three of their school brochures. During this time I landed an unpaid Picture Editor job. It was a local magazine called ‘Passions Magazine’ It was sponsored by the Temple nightclub in Bolton. There were nine models, some make-up artists and hair dressers. The first shoot took place at the Dunkenalch Hotel in Blackburn, then we moved onto club Mondo. The second shoot was in the snowy blizzards of Preston market. After this, I did another shoot, this time for a flyer and a ticket, advertising a night at Haigh Hall, in Wigan, called ‘Mint’.

A four year BA (Hons) Degree in Art, Craft and Design aided my compositional eye. It is a gift which I’ve been told by numerous people that I possess. This gift or the ‘eye’ is what makes photographs special. Looking through artists eyes makes taking images fun, different and creative, especially on those extra special days such as your WEDDING DAY!

Studio training came from working at Cover Shots International in Manchester. I thoroughly enjoyed working within a team, in a studio environment.

The Bride & Groom Magazine for the Greater Manchester area.

Importantly page 50, because this is the “Picture Perfect” section from the contents page and it is about choosing a photographer.

Page 12 – “Remember” (Anna & Stuart Derbyshire’s centre piece)
Page 16 & 17 – “Scene Stealers”-inspired ideas (Natalie & Matt Shannon’s amazing wedding breakfast room layout)
Page 22 – “Register Office/Church License” (Emma & Pete Burns)
Page 39 & 40 – “Methodist Church” (Anna & Stuart Derbyshire)
Page 50 – “Picture Perfect” (Jannine & Peter Paize)

Page 53 – “My advert” (Clare & Matthew Foy) & Page 59 – “Cake”

Kirsten Jane did advertise in ‘The North Of England Weddings’ The Complete Directory, until they stopped producing it. My real life wedding feature in the fourth issue was called, ‘Teenage Sweethearts’. (See my documentary)

Every Thursday afternoon between September 2011 and November 2012, I taught photography to Y3 at St. Cuthbert’s R.C. Primary School. This was amazing, I loved it and so did the children. Their images were good enough to hang on the wall, I was that impressed! Eventually Y3 got their wonderful sports shots displayed in the DW for the WOW Exhibition, alongside other Wigan primary schools.

I have been praised for my original and innovative ideas.

Many successful jobs include:Natural Wedding Photography, Commercial and Event photography. Photographing a Bolton Rock Band called Kinesis was fun, but wet and scary. One of the photographs from the shoot went on to their first promotional flyer. Other known names include: Georgia Taylor and Jennifer James (Toya and Gina) from Coronation Street, Jimmy McGovern (Cracker) and Colin McKeown. I met these at The First Wigan International Film Festival, back in 2003.
Recently I have met and photographed: Maureen Nolan (Nolan Sisters)and Craig McLean MBE, (Velodrome Olympic and Commonwealth Gold and Silver medallist). Most recent was The Eccleston Arms Bar and Grill, in St.Helens. I shot the interior:downstairs and upstairs, after photographing their opening night. Celebrities such as: James Roby, Paul Wellans,(Saints) and Martin Murray,(Boxer) were present. Last year Andrew Mikhail opened another hotel and restaurant, The Bold Hotel in Southport. I photographed Mark Lawrenson (former Liverpool football player) on their opening night!

I hope you have found my resume useful.

To leave a message for me directly or to speak to me please phone 07771 847 539 thank you.